Amro Menor
Amro Menor


When and why did you start blogging: I started blogging during my freshman year of college as a creative pursuit. As a child of African immigrants, you have the options of being a doctor, engineer, lawyer or a disgrace to the family. So you can imagine the disappointment on my mothers face when I told her I wanted to pursue fashion. Thankfully for my mom, my school did not have a fashion program so I settled on studying business. I now work at the corporate offices of a major retailer and have been able to find a sweet spot between my passion and education.  Also, my mom is a huge fan of my blog and visits regularly, Hi Ema!

What kind of camera do you use: Initially, I used a Canon 2D with a 50mm lens. Now, unless I work with a photographer, I use a Canon 6D with a combination of lenses.

Do you have any tips for starting a blog: The biggest challenge is taking the first step! I am a perfectionist so it takes me some time to display my content in a manner I see fit, but I often have to remind myself that everyone starts somewhere. Since starting my blog, I have learned that consistency is key. However, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with a full time career in Corporate America, traveling, a social life and blogging. Nonetheless, since this is something I love to do, I am learning to make time. The more you blog and connect with other creatives, the easier it becomes to manage and develop content. In addition to putting in the time, I recommend you get a decent camera or work with a photographer and create a simple website to display. Also, always stay true to your authentic self!

How do you travel so much: While I was in college, I made an effort to take part in all the study abroad and exploration seminars my school offered. During this time, I was able to cover my expenses through scholarships, fellowships and side jobs. I currently fund all my travel expenses by putting in my 9 to 5 at my day job and researching the best deals.

Where do you get your inspiration: Everywhere! I am constantly moved by vibrant colors! Whether it is from art, magazines , or the outdoors. We live in a beautiful world that needs to be explored and shared.