During my last few days in Marrakech, I took a day trip to Essaouira by myself to do some exploring. On the drive there, the tour bus stopped by Assous Argan Oil Cooperative where I learned more about harvesting the argan nuts and the production of argan oil from the women working at the cooperative. It was also interesting to see the goats that climb the argan trees by the roadside to escape the heat and eat the leaves. Once we arrived in Essaouira, I stopped to have some mint tea and spent the rest of the day strolling through the medina.  
 Located about a three-hour drive from Marrakech, Essaouira is a city located in Morocco’s Atlantic Coast. It is most commonly known for it’s busy finishing port as well as its thriving art and music scene. The Portuguese, French and Berber architecture add to the city’s undeniable charm. Walking through the narrow alleyways, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the aroma of rich spices and the damp sea air. Nonetheless, relaxation is easy to find in this vibrant port making it a must see for those looking for a quick day trip. 
It is fairly easy to get to Essaouira from Marrakech. I was able to arrange a trip through a travel agency that was near the hotel I stayed at but most of the hotels in Marrakech offer packages that include a trip to Essaouira.