Had an opportunity to partner with Buki, a Seattle based company that specializes in fiber technology to create wardrobe staples. Created by Joey Rodolfo, the collections are crafted with Kinoki-3.0™ fiber technology that provides moisture-management, elasticity and thermoregulation. In other words, the clothes are made with fiber that contracts to keep heat locked in during cooler temperatures and expand in warm climate allowing in more air. It also retains its original sizing and does not stretch out or shrink after a wash. 



I picked a few modern pieces from their sportswear collection to style for this shoot. I loved the cocoon coat because it looks so structured and chic but feels very cozy and relaxed. 

Also, check out how I styled this absolutely must have Ex-Boyfriend Shirt below. 

Along with its unique technology infused innovations, Buki combines comfort, modern versatility and supreme tailoring to create a wardrobe revolution.