I’m sure you can tell that I have been in a suit mood lately. I like the vibrant, modern, and stylish take on the traditional business suit. Bold colors give your “I mean business” outfits more pizzazz.


I recently came up on my second year in Corporate America. As any anniversary does to you, I started reflecting on the expectations I had set for myself before starting my career and it dawned on me that I have not taken the time to reflect as often as I should.

So I decided to create a vision board and recreate my power moves or the power moves i aspire to make in the coming years.


A vision board

by its traditional definition is a board that helps you visualize your goals and dreams. It’s essentially a collage of pictures and words that best represent your ambitions.

Below are the simple steps I used to create my vision board,

  1. Take a second to write down the goals you would like to accomplish in a given time frame. Unless, you create vision boards often, I would advise to direct your focus on goals that are more long term. For me there are a few major things I often reflect on: my spiritual journey, my career, education, my health, travel and blogging.
  2. Find visual representations to reflect what you want your life to look like. These can be images, quotes or words that relate to you. You find these on Pinterest or simply search Google. You can also find these the old fashion way through magazines and books.
  3. Create your vision board. I created mine on InDesign since I’ve been experimenting with the application lately and wanted to practice my new learned skills. Creating a collage on a poster board the good old way is also another option.
  4.  Place your vision board in a place you see everyday.

Photos by the talented: Dara