LA is always a good time. I even made it out to little Ethiopia this time around! I also spent way too much money on makeup because they have stores that carry all the online makeup companies I shop from.


I linked up with my friend Amir – who has a really cool book you can purchase here. We decided to do a shoot at the Urban Light installation by Chris Burden at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


I have been in a very blazer mood lately so I opted for one of my favorite blazer dresses. I found it at a vintage store ages ago and loved the serious 80’s/90s vibes it gave off. Blazer dresses are great versatile pieces that can be layered with pants in the colder months or worn as a dress in the warmer months (especially on days where the LA sun wants to melt the chocolate off of you).


If you are looking for something that perfectly toes the line between formal and informal, a blazer dress is a great option. You can choose a blazer style with a feminine tailoring or something that is more menswear inspired and oversized. You can also add more character by going for a bold color or adding a belt. Pair with vibrant accessories and killer heels to finish off your look. 


  You can view more of Amir's work on  : The After Hour