Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Mondays can be a little rough. After a great weekend of relaxation, it’s a bit difficult to transition into work mode.

Below are some ways I prepare for what seems like the day of doom. 


1. Set the tone.

I look at the beginning of the week like the beginning of a race. Momentum is a key factor here.

Make an effort to start off the week strong.

If you have a routine you follow in regards to your job, working out, eating healthy or whatever the case, make extra effort to implement it on the first day of the week. I have learned that if I don’t make the effort at the beginning, it’s more difficult for me to catch up later in the week.  


2. Good Night Sleep.

I do my best to go to bed relatively early on Sunday nights. I want to be as well rested and refreshed as possible to begin what always seems like a long workweek. If I don’t get good sleep walking into the week, I am more likely to be more exhausted through out the week. Thus, almost every Sunday I am in bed by 10pm.


3. Walk into the week with intentions.

That thing that you’ve been putting off for weeks (months for some of us) telling yourself “I’ll start that on Monday”, make an effort to actually start it this time. I commonly overwhelm myself by thinking I need to sit and get through something from start to finish in a short amount of time. I have found that such things are not possible for many of the goals I set, thus, I had to force myself to start taking things one step at a time. If I set a goal to finish a timely project in a week, I do it by increments. 


Photos: Cristina Sardaneta Deslauriers

4. Make it a day to look forward to.

Although it’s difficult to look forward to the beginning of a long workweek, I try to find ways to make Monday’s more exciting. Maybe it’s by watching your favorite shows on Monday nights without feeling guilty or linking up with friends after work, you can add some excitement to your day. 

Worst-case scenario, keep in mind that you have survived every Monday until now and you most likely will make it through this one. 

Happy Monday!